FN FNC - Grip and Hold!
Kanji ふんこ
Rōmaji Funko
Nickname(s) Funco
Seiyū Iori Nomizu
Country of Origin Belgium
Classification Assault Rifle
Height 238mm
Weight 4,100kg
Length 995mm (stock extended)
775mm (stock folded)
Fire rate Approx. 625-675 rpm
Produced 1979-present
Personal Info
Family FAL (older sister)
Affiliations 16, Eru, Sig
Anime Debut Grip and Hold!
Manga Debut The Heart Filled Days Are Here...

FNC (ふんこ Funko?) is the small, energetic, and the main protagonist of Upotte!!. As an FNC, Funco wears a T-panties instead of regular panties, much to her embarrassment.

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The FN FNC (Short for Fabrique Nationale Carabine) was designed in Belgium in the 1970's

It fires the same round as the M16, SG550 and the SA80, the 5.56x45mm NATO round.

The FNC was created to conform to NATO's move towards the 5.56mm NATO round and using the same magazine as the M16, with prototypes designed in the early 70's. By the late 70's the gun was polished and ready for action, serving as the standard firearm for the Belgian army alongside the F2000 until being replaced by the FN SCAR L

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