Kanji しぐ
Rōmaji Shigu
Nickname(s) Shigu
Seiyū Kaori Sadohara
Voice Actor Emily Neves
Country of Origin Switzerland
Classification Assault Rifle
Length 998 mm (Stock extendedl)
772 mm (Stock folded)
Fire rate Approx. 700 rounds/min
Produced 1978–present
Personal Info

Sig (しぐ Shigu) is a close friend of Funco.

She is a Swiss SG 550 assault rifle.

Her grades are top notch and she's an honor student, but a bit out of it at times. She sports exceptional firing accuracy at mid-to-long-range and able to survive in freezing temperature (similar to real SG 550), and doesn't like to lose. She appears to have lesbian feelings for Funco and gets jealous when others get close to her.

She wounds AN-94 in the Battle of Atami.