Steyr AUG
Kanji あぐ
Rōmaji Agu
Nickname(s) Agu
Seiyū Shizuka Furuya
Voice Actor Molly Searcy
Country of Origin Austria
Classification Assault Rifle
Length 790 mm (Long Barrel)
690 mm (Short Barrel)
Fire rate Approx. 680–750 rounds/min
Produced 1978–present
Personal Info

Steyr AUG (あぐ Agu) is a member of the student council. She is one of Funco's, classmates with a crush on her. Despite that, she has difficulties to approach and befriend her.

She is an Austrian Steyr AUG.

Just like her namesake weapon can change barrels for different uses, Agu has two personalities: one with short hair, timid and friendly and another with long hair that is aggressive and imposing. Both personalities have their own issues regarding Funco, and while one is too shy to approach her, the other usually leaves her scared.

Voiced by: Shizuka Furuya

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